#98.5 - Texts From Last Night!

Har kommer en gammal going som jag vet har varit saknad!



Last night at the bar my fuck buddies found out about each other.

Wtf? What happened?

Not quite sure but they rock, paper, scissored to see who was taking me home.



it felt like a thousand fairies were licking my balls.



He snuck into some random hotel's continental breakfast at 3 AM and then passed out
on a bench in the lobby.

When the cops found him they made him empty out his pockets.
No phone, no ID just muffins.



she complimented my bra when we were hooking up.

this lesbian thing has its upsides



i don't want a singing card. it disturbs my hangover.
give me a pack of cigs taped to a bottle of wine and fuck me without a condom.
happy vday baby.



Babe, the 4 years we've been together have been amazing. Will you marry me?

are you seriously doing this over text message

hahaha no, but i am dumping you.



You don't know the meaning of what the fuck until you wake up naked and alone in someone's
bed staring at a dead squirrel on their dresser.



Sry I left before you woke up.

The house was really fucked up and I didn't feel like helping you clean.
PS Somebody threw up on your dog



So, apparently, "i expected your penis to be bigger" isn't good pillow talk.



getting your period on valentines day is like an extra little fuck you,

now you REALLY have no chance of sex tonight.

Postat av: Alina

hejhej, du vet nog inte vem jag är hehe..undra bara om du kunde logga in på blogg.se igår? för för mig strulade det hela dagen.


2010-02-16 @ 13:58:09
URL: http://musicrecord.blogg.se/
Postat av: Carrou & Rudolph

Sv: hahaha bra citat :D

Ja det är galet snyggt ! Kram

2010-02-16 @ 13:58:23
URL: http://carrou.se
Postat av: Henrik

hej altl bra med dig?:)

vad gör du idag?

gillar du semlor?:P kommentera gärna min blogg

2010-02-16 @ 15:56:34
URL: http://hennriksvensson.blogg.se/
Postat av: josefin


2010-02-16 @ 17:01:15
URL: http://josefinerlin.blogg.se/
Postat av: Sara Enberg

jättefin blogg hörru! :)

2010-02-17 @ 12:40:21
URL: http://saraep.blogg.se/

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